Our People

We recruit, retain and assign highly adaptable, results-driven and entrepreneurial-minded professionals whose business experience is tempered by the exigencies of their careers – over many years, in a variety of circumstances.

The TelePro associates representing our clients share a common foundation: professional experience gained from working in the inside sales and marketing environments. Our daily recruiting operation enables us to maintain an active roster of motivated, enterprising individuals who demonstrate a high level of interest in working with us.

Many of our professionals provide service over a shorter, more defined period of time, mainly when in career transition. In this timeframe, they deliver excellent service while exploring new industries and the career opportunities we offer.

However, the majority of our people work with us on a part-time, on-going basis in order to focus on personal and professional development goals, explore new vocations, or pursue new endeavors outside the realm of their careers. Some of these endeavors include:

  • starting a business of one's own
  • participating in a start-up enterprise
  • establishing expertise in a particular field
  • developing a new product or marketable idea
  • raising a family while working part-time
  • supplementing retirement income
  • fulfilling a creative pursuit in the fine arts
  • acting and performing on stage, on-air and on screen
  • earning additional income during off-peak periods
  • seeking advanced degrees or professional certifications such as MBA, SPHR, CMP, etc.

The quality of the people we employ is reflected in their personal and professional goals that are in alignment with our own values, and are compatible with the clients to whom we assign them.

We value all our people by:

  • treating employees, clients and vendors with respect
  • conducting business with integrity
  • embracing diversity and individuality
  • encouraging creativity and growth
  • acting responsibly in the community

The people that compose any company are the company's most valuable asset.

The valued employees of TelePro Group are the company's only asset.